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Peter Kent PDF Print E-mail

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Born June 23, 1957 in North Vancouver, B.C; Peter was predestined to be a thrill seeking adrenaline addict. As a child, raised along the banks of the often treacherous Seymour River, he was shooting rapids and climbing the highest trees available, then dropping through the branches to the ground, or pedaling his bicycle across planks, 12 feet atop the family laurel hedge, to get the desired adrenaline rush, always resulting in lacerations, stitches and an ear to ear grin.

Rikki Gagne PDF Print E-mail

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Rikki grew up in Campbell River B.C... She led a very active lifestyle through out most of her youth. It was the rock climbing, snowboarding, horseback riding and competitive gymnastics that paved the way for this adrenalin junky in to the world of movie and television stunts. She moved to Vancouver 5 years ago and after working various part time jobs and coaching gymnastics a friend turned onto the path of stunt work.

Owen Walstrom PDF Print E-mail

owenwalstrom_1.jpgSTUNT COORDINATOR

The man with the plan - there isn't anything in the stunt biz he hasn't done. He's learned the business from the ground up. He came into coordinating from being a stunt performer himself and still actively performs the very stunts he's coordinated. This gives him a unique element of trust from the stunt performers he's about to: blow up, knock down or push out of a building. It's this trust that makes him the ideal coordinator.

Kory Grim PDF Print E-mail

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As long as Kory can remember he's wanted to work in stunts and also in film and television.  Born and raised in Prince Rupert B.C. he spent his youth learning athletics and  how to take hard knocks by playing football and rugby at very competitive level.  His other passion growing up was multimedia; this is what eventually lead him into the world of stunts.

Gary Paller PDF Print E-mail


Gary has worked as an actor and in special effects in the film and television industry since the early eighties.  He has worked in various special effects capacities like special effects supervisor, coordinator and assistant.  He has lent his talents to more than sixty film sand television shows during his successful career.