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owenwalstrom_1.jpgSTUNT COORDINATOR

The man with the plan - there isn't anything in the stunt biz he hasn't done. He's learned the business from the ground up. He came into coordinating from being a stunt performer himself and still actively performs the very stunts he's coordinated. This gives him a unique element of trust from the stunt performers he's about to: blow up, knock down or push out of a building. It's this trust that makes him the ideal coordinator.

Owen was a national gymnast, a national gymnast coach and he played Major League Baseball. He is the classic definition of an adrenalin junkie - he rock climbs, snowboards, water skis, dirt bikes and races cars. He's stunt performed in countless films and coordinated even more. Some of his most prolific work has been working on such films as Fantastic Four, I-Robot, Walking Tall and The Crow.