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Curt Bonn learned the hard lessons of dangerous work many years ago when as a youth, Bonn worked with bull gangs in remote logging camps of the Queen Charlotte Islands, BC where he worked as a Choker Man.  He climbed 100 foot trees with only a waist belt and spurs on his boots.

While moving massive logs, Bonn learned rigging, cables and leverage systems from the old timers.  He used this knowledge while employed at a crane company and was soon designing hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.   

Bonn also practiced stock car racing which lead into performing in car commercials and precision driving gigs.  He eventually combined the two and began designing ratchets for cars to be used in the film industry particularly for stunts.  Using his knowledge of ratchets and cable rigging, he began to coordinate the stunts for shows such as Smallville, Scary Movie and many more.

Curt Bonn has spent years perfecting his ‘secret’ techniques and allowing the film industry the use of these.  His expertise at seeing the stunt through with safe execution propels Curt Bonn to be one of the industries most successful stunt Coordinators.