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This site is the property of Omni Film Productions Limited (“Omni”). Use of this site is with the permission of Omni in accordance with these Terms of Use, as posted here, and which may be revised from time to time.


  1. Content on this site has not been rated but is suitable for all ages. The film clips are segments taken from a series made for network television broadcast.

  2. Omni is not responsible for the accuracy of third party information provided and posted on this site.

  3. All comments, ratings, rankings, reviews and statements on this site and in any discussion forums are the sole opinion of the person making them and are not the views held by any of the Omni employees, contractors, agents, officers or directors.


  1. Omni is not liable for any damages to your computer system as a result of viewing a film clip or other portions of this site.

  2. Omni is not liable for any act taken by any party as a result of viewing the images depicted or information provided on this site about the movie stunt performance industry. The stunts portrayed in this series were performed by highly trained professionals under controlled conditions and careful supervision. These stunts should not be attempted by anyone not fully qualified in a professional environment.

  3. If you have concerns or comments about this site please direct your concerns to our service provider (web service email address). If you are not satisfied with their initial response, or attempt at a resolution, your complaint will be escalated to Omni’s senior management team for resolution. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for any concerns about protecting the privacy of your visit to this site (link to Privacy Policy).

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